ZERO1 American Arts Incubator

I am pleased to announce a new initiative at ZERO1: The Art & Technology Network (Where Art Meets Technology to Shape the Future). We have received a grant from the U.S. State Department's Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs (ECA) to implement a program we designed, called American Arts Incubator


Did you know that for more than sixty years, the United States government has tapped the diverse resources of the U.S. arts community to encourage dialogue with people of other nations? Continuing that tradition, the ECA has partnered with us to launch a new media and mural arts program, American Arts Incubator, which sends U.S. artists abroad to team up with local youth, women, artists, and organizations to create impactful community-driven arts-based projects.

American Arts Incubator is a new creative exchange program using art to address pressing social challenges and promote cross-cultural collaboration.




American Arts Incubator is a hybrid of training lab, production workshop, and public exhibition. The program will create opportunities for innovation by translating creative practices used by artists into community-driven artworks and ongoing arts programming that will bolster local economies, influence public policy, and further social change.

The project involves a unique micro-granting program developed by ZERO1 in cooperation with ECA to be implemented in the chosen countries: Laos, Mongolia, Papa New Guinea, and The Philippines. Via virtual exchange amongst overseas artists, international embassies, and community leaders, a network will emerge of fully documented, global, community-driven art projects centered on developing citizenship, addressing pressing social issues, and promoting cross-cultural understanding and collaboration.

Contact me with questions: kate[at]zero1[dot]org

Kate Spacek