HERD: WALLS @ Open City / Art City

Imagine you're in a huge 2-story lobby enjoying an arts exhibit, when a 20' wide by 10' high fabric wall appears and slowly corrals you and your friends towards the glass-walled entryway... You're packed like sardines with the rest of the crowd, and now the performance moves outside to the patio, leaving you to observe from behind the glass like art connoisseurs in a fish bowl.

But you don't mind one bit. You are captivated by the intricate patterns on the projection-mapped building exterior, the soothing sounds of the automated yet ancient Indian instruments, and the rolling sea of 25-foot LED waves. ...And suddenly you are released, and find yourself joining the procession as the performance goes rogue, winding its way around a city block in San Francisco.

HERD: WALLS had the opportunity for an encore performance, this time at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, which teamed up with Institute for the Future to produce Open City / Art City. The event invites the Bay Area community to imagine how we can build a city that is more open, creative, and inclusive. 

Kate Spacek