HERD: Emergence @ Bloom Festival

They emerged from the ocean. 

Slowly but surely they crawled, changing before our eyes. 

Transformed by the air, the sand, the rhythm of the wind. 

What were these beasts of the sea? 

How did they come here and for what purpose?

Emergence is the first production of the multi-disciplinary, multi-platform HERD project, which explores the connections between and impacts of animal and human herding behaviors. HERD: Emergence premiered at the Bloom Festival in Santa Cruz, California - and the Pacific Ocean served as the perfect backdrop.

In a fantastical multi-media performance, eve Warnock and Kate Spacek bring the consequences of a polluted ocean to life with the emergence of an evolved self-organized species from our oceans. Using researched-based algorithms to inform movement, these species will evolve and transform in front of your eyes. Compelling costumes, set, sounds, and projections will allow these organisms to dwell, feed, and reproduce among us.

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Kate Spacek