ATLAS: the game

How would you like to experience your same ol' neighborhood through completely fresh eyes? Or maybe you want to get to know a new city without jumping on the tour bus?

ATLAS is an urban way-finding game that invites you to navigate a city in a way you would not have otherwise. Through beautifully-designed navigation cards, 2-3 players are guided on a spontaneous journey with special attention to the seemingly mundane. You will notice new qualities of an environment you pass through every day, connect more deeply with a place, and maybe even transform strangers into friends.

After players use a card (and sometimes the included compass) to navigate the next phase of their ATLAS journey, they add another leg of the route to their hand-drawn map. The collaborative map documents each game, usually in the most abstract of ways. And the only rule? Never let anyone outside of the game know that you are playing the game.

ATLAS accommodates and supports a variety of different ways to learn and to express. Through loads of test playing, we refined each card to bring maximum fun and guaranteed stories. Featured at Come Out & Play Festival - San Francisco among other public and private events. 

Interested in having ATLAS in your own hands or for a gift? Great for visiting a new city, giving a fun focus to otherwise awkward first dates, or simply gaining appreciation for your own neighborhood!

Co-created by Richie Israel, Jared Wood, & Kate Spacek. 

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Kate Spacek