Meet My Shadow @ YBCA's Public Square 2018

Public Imagination exists where diversity co-creates. Meet My Shadow reveals tangible, dynamic symbols of public imagination, activated through playful collaboration in real-time. Creators must work together to add a human form that interacts with the existing silhouettes. Attention is placed on the intersections, the meeting of self and other. In these basic yet intimate interactions, our differences can be celebrated and our collective power amplified.

This work was co-created by the public audience, guided by simple instructions:

  1. Choose how you will intersect with an existing silhouette on the wall.
  2. Find a playmate to trace your outline in black.
  3. Fill in an intersection space with a color.

This project was co-created as part of Public Square 2018, where YBCA Fellows unveiled their yearlong projects through workshops, visual and performance art, dance, music, and more. Made up of the most daring artists, thinkers, and creative citizens from across the Bay Area, each Fellows cohort has been studying a provocative question and exploring ways to spark community engagement and action around these crucial questions:

  •         How do we find and empower TRUTH?
  •         Where is our PUBLIC IMAGINATION?
  •         Can we make CREATIVE DISSENT matter?

My cohort explored Public Imagination, and I loved every minute of it. Gratitude to my fellow Fellows for stretching me and expanding my artistic reach, and to the staff at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts for investing in programs like this and granting me the opportunity.

Kate Spacek