Movement Club

Now I see the clear metaphor for how I’ve been handling a project at work, and feel more prepared to make some decisions.
— R.M. - a Mover @ Movement Club

Movement is an innate need that brings us truckloads of benefits. Sometimes, though, we're not very good at incorporating this cure-all antidote into our everyday lives, and being in a facilitated group environment can help. But... not everybody feels welcome walking into a dance/fitness/yoga class - and not everybody has $15 to do so. 

Movement Club is a free, facilitated, creative movement experience. Although structure and prompts are specific, the Movers can use those parameters to explore exactly what works for their individual bodies. Want an intense workout? You can have it. Prefer a slower meditative experience? It's yours. All bodies, every body is welcome at Movement Club. 

All humans have a sense of movement, technically called the kinesthetic sense. Other senses (sight, sound, touch) give us information about the world around us, while the kinesthetic sense tells us what is going on within ourselves.

What happens when we shift our awareness from the external visual to the internal kinesthetic?

After attending Movement Club, common feedback includes seeing patterns in the body's movements that reflect patterns in life. For example, one Mover shared, "I noticed I had difficulty making sudden movements; I realized I was scared to not be certain of what comes next. Now I see the clear metaphor for how I've been handling a project at work, and feel more prepared to make some decisions." 

Movement Club offers a unique playful way to be with your own body, at your own depths and your own pace. 


Calling all "non-dancers" (who secretly want to be dancing like they don't give a f***)! Movement Club might just be what you're looking for. 

Kate Spacek