Social Movement

Finally it’s here!!! A collective movement opportunity that does not require special skills, lots of money, or being groped after dark. A collective movement opportunity where EVERY body feels welcome!

Wednesdays, February 6 - May 15. Come to one, come to all. Warning - it’s addictive, and you just might feel like YOU BELONG!

Social Movement is moving the body in ways that feel dynamo -- to you. You will be guided, and can respond to the prompts as you wish. Looking for a workout? You can have it. Looking to take it slow? It's all yours.

Keeping it light, with freedom and respect.
Be in your zone with other humans who just wanna move... and you can be in bed by 10pm.

Barefoot or socks (unless you need shoes). Layers are good.
ALL are welcome (kids, too). Venue is 100% accessible.

Begins promptly at 7pm. Suggested donation $10 - but Social Movement is fun, easy, and FREE if you want it to be. :)

Kate Spacek