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Humans are creations, built to create. From long-term investigations to spontaneous weirdness, here are some creations of mine.

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I have been blessed with sparks in both the right-brain and the left-brain! Project design & management quench my organizer cravings.

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Some of the core principles of my work embody new ways of thinking and doing. Here are some examples of what I mean.

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Generally, each blog post describes a project. There are some bonus posts, too. All is interconnected.

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Global Impact

Kate has lived and worked around the world. She takes great pleasure in working with other cultures to develop sustainable, community-driven projects that explore local issues in creative ways.

Recently, Kate directed American Arts Incubator (AAI), a partnership between ZERO1 and the U.S. State Department. The international creative exchange program sends American digital and new media artists abroad to collaborate with youth, women, and underserved populations to address social challenges via art+science+tech projects. Kate oversaw more than 65 projects across 13 countries.

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